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We exist because God is. This shows that man as well as all other living beings are part of the divine.23-2-1945
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Journalism is for service

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A S Tapader 01-12-12336 Journalism is the practice of investigation and reporting of events issues and trends to a broad audience in a timely fashion. Journalism is a form of writing that tells people about things that really happened and the ideal is to inform the intended audience. Service for people is its motto and that is why Gandhijee has rightly mentioned it in his autobiography Journalism is for Service and it should be. Lets follow Gandhiji The Great Communicator and Journalist:
Archana Sharma Executive Secretary Gandhi Peace Centre 30-01-1230 Factual unbiased and free jornalism serves the mankind.
Ramamurthy M 20-02-1251 where is the question of service comes in thse days of service tax? If Gandhiji were alive he would be subjected to Service tax for all the services rendered by him.Nowadays there is paid news.
jagdish 25-04-12116 tha impuvamenat
Viney Puri 23-07-12205 Gandhiji view now have become a dream. Journalism now a days is a way to get more trp so for this news are twisted facts are distorted news are made out of nothing in case no news entertainment is added and yellow journalism is in its youth. No ethics no control by govt. broadcasting auhtority is a new concept it should be made poplar people should be educated to use it.
pushpa vasudevan 23-11-12328 Journalism is the fourth estate . Lets pray for the truth to be passed through it
Prof. Yogendra Yadav 01-06-13152 It is true according to Mahatma Gandhi also. Actually journalism is for service.
tchZXnBQyZkdS 16-01-1316 Great common sense here. Wish I'd tohuhgt of that.
PRABHU LOYOLA 04-09-13247 JOURNALISM IS A TOOL TO UNDERSTAND GANDHIAN PHILOSOPHY AND SERVICE TO SOCIETY so it is more help to well and do service to Gandhian Dharma...
Rajendra Vyas 06-07-13187 journalism means to stop the evils and helps the truth without any prejudised snd with moral courage.
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