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The fear of the gun disappears when it has been fired. The bond of love grows ever tighter, yet is never felt as bondage. 19-11-1945
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                        Programmes of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti


The main aim and objective of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti is to propagate the life, mission and thought of Mahatma Gandhi through diverse socio-educational and cultural activities. The thrust is also to instill amongst the various cross-section of the society the values, which the Father of the Nation stood for.


Besides of course the multifarious activities of the Samiti have been to draw people especially the youth towards constructive work for the community. Gandhiji wrote in ‘To Ashram Sisters’, “The field of service is unlimited. Our capacity for service also can become unlimited, as there is no limit to the capacity of the spirit. If the gates of the heart are open, everything can get into it. Even a little service by such people bears immense fruit.” This is the mission with which the Samiti aims to motivate the generation next, ‘as the field of service is unlimited, the capacity to do service should also become unlimited’.


The thrust to draw the younger generation towards constructive work is also guided by what the Mahatma had said in The Harijan on April 12, 1942, “The best preparation for, and even the expression of non-violence lies in the determined pursuit of the constructive programme. Anyone who believes that, without the backing of the constructive programme he will show non-violent strength when the testing time comes will fail miserably.  It will be like the attempt of a starving, unarmed man to match his physical strength against a fully fed and panoplied soldier, foredoomed to failure.” Again, attaching great importance to constructive programme, Gandhiji had way back in 1922 said, “It will steady and calm us, it will wake our organizing spirit, it will make us industrious, it will make us fit for swaraj, it will cool our blood.”


In the above backdrop, Gandhi Smriti, with a vision of the 21st century, has evolved programmes aimed at different sections of the society including children, youth and women. The endeavor is also to prepare today’s youngsters towards the goal of total development as envisioned by the Mahatma using innovative processes.


One major hallmark of our programmes is regular follow-ups. Series of symposia, workshop, interactions and exhibitions are being organized from time to time to not only realize the objectives of the Samiti but also educate and sensitize the target audience.


The Objectives of the programmes of the Samiti are as follows:


  1. Organizing programmes to bring attitudinal changes/ development through practical applications of Gandhian philosophy and values. 
  2. Promoting initiatives to create awareness on the life and message of Gandhi through educational media like exhibition, films, Gandhiana, posters, radio docu- drama etc. 
  3. Promotion of volunteerism for constructive work. 
  4. Reaching the unreached with the life and message of Mahatma Gandhi specially in far flung areas. 
  5. Developing capacities of children and youth for imbibing Gandhian values and Gandhian work. 
  6. Focus on empowering the marginalized through vocational training programmes and other livelihood initiatives as part of Gandhian constructive work. 
  7. Conduct inter-disciplinary research on different aspects of Gandhian philosophy.


  • Taking Gandhi to Schools
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Commemorative Programmes