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The soul dries up without the company of the good. Mussoorie : 31-5-1946
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On March 21, 1929, Gandhiji wrote in Young India, “This is my message to the youth. Inspite of themselves, the youth must believe in all-conquering power of Love and Truth.”


Again in, ‘From Yeravda Mandir’, he writes, “Voluntary service of other demands the best of which one is capable, and must take precedence over service of self. In fact, the pure devotee consecrates himself to the service of humanity without any reservation whatever.”


Writing further in ‘Art of Living’, he underlines, “We should render devoted service to the world in every possible way, remembering that every one of our bretheren has a claim on us. “


Taking leaf from Gandhiji’s views, Gandhi Smriti has been working to instill amongst the youth the spirit to do volunteer service for the society. The thrust is to mobilize youth in various social issues.