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Why is there good as well as evil, happiness as well as misery in this world? God is and yet He is unseen. He is the Law as well as the law-giver. Therefore, it follows that man is what his actions make of him. He rises by good actions, and falls by evil ones.10-3-1945
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'Photo Gallery'
Gandhiji's Room, Birla House, New Delhi A prayer meeting at Birla House, New Delhi Breaking his fast, January 18, 1948.
On the morning of January 31, his one more darshan. Thousands of mourners at Birla House. (31.1.1948) Thousands of mourners queued up at Birla House. (31.4.1948)
Two of the bullet wounds are clearly seen. On the morning of January 31, 1948 at Birla House. The target was ever easy.
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