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Do not lose your temper if someone calls you a liar or opposes you. If you want to say something, say it calmly. Or , perhaps, silence would be best. If you are really truthful, you do not become a liar simply because someone calls you so. 1-7-1945
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'Photo Gallery'
At Birla House (His Room) with press correspondents (30.1.1948)
His last walk for the prayer ground at Birla House. The last journey.
His last walk from his room at Birla House. Discussing measures for relief and rehabilitation of refugees with officials and non-official workers. (Dec 1947) Close-up of the body on his balcony while the flag was at half-mast (31.1.1948)
This photo was taken at about midnight on January 30-31 when the body had been bathed, nearly six hours after the assassination. Early next morning (31.1.1948) They nail just before the bier starts on its journey.
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